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Press Release: 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians - 2017 Edition

Kungaba Fongoh Leonel Voted 2017 Most Influential Young Cameroonian

President of the Cameroon Active Youth Association, Kungaba Fongoh Leonel, has been voted the Most Influential Young Cameroonian in 2017. Kungaba Fongoh Leonel, who takes the lead from 2016’s frontrunner, Achaleke Christian Leke was awarded for his exceptional leadership at a highly attended awards ceremony at the Chariot Hotel in Buea Cameroon.

Kungaba Fongoh Leonel has undertaken diverse assignments including programme and project design, implementation and evaluation, training facilitation and is conference speaker, with a wide range of government and non-governmental institutions including, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education Cameroon, UNFPA Cameroon, UNWOMEN Cameroon, the World Bank country office Cameroon, the World Bank Institute, the US State Department, Commonwealth Secretariat, and Transparency International. He is also a HeForShe Ambassador, Coordinator United For Sustainable Development Goal and Global Youth Ambassador at A World At School.

The Most influential Young Cameroonian poll is one of the most credible and respected annual rankings organised by reputed rating agency, Avance Media and the COSDEF Group.
CEO & founder of Hope for Vulnerables and Orphans (HOVO), Feka Parchibell was also announced as the Most Influential Young Cameroonian Woman in the ranking poll.
Feka Parchibell, CEO & founder of Hope for Vulnerables and Orphans (HOVO), Cameroonian Singer, Mr. Leo known in private life as, Fonyuy Leonard Nsohburinka, Dr Njang Mbeng Emmanuel, a medical doctor at the Fundong District Hospital and Joseph Fabrice Ondoa Ebogo, goalkeeper for Sevilla Atlético and the Cameroon national team also made it the top 5 most influential young Cameroonians respectively.
Prince Akpah, MD of Avance Media says he hopes the annual polls will inspire young people to create a positive environment that will encourage other Cameroonian youths to excel in their various endeavours.
 “I hope that by sharing their experiences, the various winners will inspire a whole generation and serve as mentors for other young people in their communities” said Mr Joyber Javnyuy, CEO of the COSDEF Group.

See winners in the various categories below:
1.      Business – Roland Fomundam, Greenhouse ventures
2.    Entertainment – Mr Leo, Musician
3.   Leadership & Civil Society – Kungaba Fongoh Leonel, Cameroon Active Youth Association
4.    Lifestyle – Liz Ngwane, Fashion Designer
5.     Media – Amy Banda, Amy Banda TV
6.  Personal Development & Academia – Desmund Egbe, Camer Human Capital
7.  Science & Technology – Njang Mbeng Emmanuel, Health Education and Research Organization
8.  Social Enterprise & Philanthropy – Feka Parchibell, The 'Hope For Vulnerable and Orphans
9.    Sports – Fabrice Ondoa, Sevilla Atlético

Here is the list of the 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians in 2017
1.         Kungaba Fongoh Leonel 
2.       Feka Parchibell
3.       Mr Leo 
4.       Njang Mbeng Emmanuel
5.        Fabrice Ondoa
6.       Noela Lyonga 
7.        Egbe Desmund
8.       Amy Banda 
9.       Didier Ndoheu 
10.   Vincent Aboubakar
11.     Mambe Churchill Nanje
12.   Achaleke Christian Leke 
13.   Roland Fomundam 
14.   Daphne
15.    Budi Nobert Mbua 
16.   Mfontoh Blaise Abenwi Shu 
17.    Charles Ebune 
18.   Awah Francisca Mbuli 
19.   Apostle Lefor Divine 
20. Fotabe Elmine 
21.   Ngwane Hansel Masango 
22.  Bonteh Engelbert 
23.  Monique Ntumngia 
24.  Clifford Ndecham 
25.  Liz Ngwane 
26.  Kibonen Nfi 
27.  Bamai Namata 
28.  Apostle Numfor Alain
29.  Celine V. Fotso 
30. Gilbert Ewehmeh 
31.   Madelle Kangha 
32.  Emilia Epeti Miki
33.  Mfon Emmanuel Veranyuy 
34.  Gina Efeti 
35.  Eliane Glamstar 
36.  Benjamin Moukandjo
37.  Shafack Amanda Likhene 
38.  Calvino Wallang 
39.  Arthur Zang 
40. Horore Bebga 
41.   Mpara Faith 
42.  Nicolas Nkoulou
43.  Syndy Emade 
44.  Nsang Dilong 
45.  Ambroise Oyongo
46.  Stanley Enow 
47.  Oboy Da Comic 
48.  Miki Gilbert 
49.  D. (Dora) Bryant 
50.  Delly Singah

The 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians ranking is proudly organised by Avance Media and COSDEF Group in partnership with SkyHigh Group, SkyHigh University Centre Douala, IamAfropreneur, Vocational Centre for International Development, Acmer Media Group, Educate a Child in Africa, Galaxe Prints, GreenHouse Ventures, HOVO,,, Abjel Communications, WatsUp TV,, My Naija Naira, The YCEO, Dream Ambassadors Foundation GH, CliqAfrica, Pulse Ghana, Africa Feeds, News Africa and CELBMD Africa.
For More information kindly visit or email, 0242307379.


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